CODE - SKYDP013 Mango Tree


CODE - SKYDP013 Mango Tree

Product Size (L” × B” × H”)  
Product Color Golden + Colored Wax 
Product’s Utilisation Best Dry fruit,Mouth Freshener  Items  and Gift for various occasions

Material Details:-

Outer Side Material  Golden Alluminium Foil + Fiber Moulded body + Colored Wax + 
Inner Side Material Fiber Moulded body + MDF
Allied Material SS Crome Nail type hinges +Brand Polygrip SR-509P + Colored Wax (Painting)
Opening Style Sliding Cover

Customisation Availability:-

Colors * Silver, Copper & German,
 Size (L” × B” × H”) *  10” × 10” × 1.25”  5.75” × 5.75” × 1.25”
   08” × 08” × 1.25”    

Other Informations:-

Minimum Order Quantity 10 Nos.

Packing Details: –

Standard Packing Wrapped with polythene bag and packaged in 3 ply corrugated box.
Premium Packing Wrapped with polythene bubble bag and packaged in 3/5 ply corrugated box.

Special Attention:-

  • Being handicrafts item prone to variation in size and weight 5% approximately
  • For foreign clients rates are subject to variation due to change in exchange and services provided
  • Customised  Items may attract variation in rates and lead time for delivery.